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At the Law Offices of Manotti L. Jenkins, LTD., we know how to handle, manage and win legal disputes, on behalf of both small businesses and individuals. We focus on the intricate facts of the case, as they unfold at the outset and throughout the litigation, analyze them through the prism of the relevant legal principles, and advise our clients on whether it is best to continue litigating or to reach a settlement short of a protracted trial. To that end, we recognize it as critical to understand what our clients’ overall strategic objectives are, and with those in mind, we win for those who have entrusted us with their legal disputes.

We approach legal disputes in a manner that will ultimately allow our clients to receive the best result they can receive under the circumstances, without spending an inordinate amount of money. Accordingly, we make sure to keep an effective balance between being creative in our legal theories, on the one hand and practical in our explanation and analysis, on the other hand, as juries, judges and opposing counsel must view the advocate as both excellent and credible. As another part of this approach, we pick the battles within the overall dispute that are worth waging, always with the goal in mind of doing what is in the client's best interests.